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CREDIT: Elco von Staveren on FLICKR

Dear People of God,

The term “supply chain” describes how things come to us. A child, leading the family’s dinner grace, prayed, “Thank You for this food; my parents who bought it; grocers who sold it; drivers who delivered it; workers who packaged it; farmers who raised it; the sun and rain that nourished it. And thank You for providing these things so we could eat tonight. Amen.” This child understood “supply chain” and who owns all the stuff many claim ownership over.

The Corinthians Paul wrote to didn’t understand supply chain. They were a comfortable lot with considerable skills. Paul reminded them of all they excelled in. Yet they needed to excel in one more area – trusting God’s supply chain to provide for them instead of keeping their wealth to themselves (2 Corinthians 8:1-7). Paul uses the poverty-stricken Macedonians, who longed for the privilege of giving their money to even poorer Christians in Jerusalem, as an example. The Macedonians understood God’s divine supply chain wouldn’t leave them wanting. They trusted Him to provide for their needs even as they gave generously to others.

God faithfully provides for our needs too. He’s the source of all we have because He loves and cares for us. He certainly provides all we need to sustain us in this life. But He also provides us – some more, some less – so we can, in proportion to His provision, give to others. God calls us to follow Him in faith by sacrificing a portion of the time, talent, and treasure He’s given us toward His mission to provide for and redeem all mankind. 

This weekend we see a great example of God’s provision and His people’s trust in Him – the culmination of our Following Him in Faith campaign. Many of you, trusting God’s supply chain, gave over $750,000 above your normal offerings to improve the place God has blessed us with to worship Him within. Your giving is one sign of your faith – a sign of thanks for His past and present provision as we trust in His future provision.

                                In Christ’s Love,

                                                                  Pastor Jim