Mobile Compassion Trailer 

The Mobile Compassion Center is a ministry of the Lutheran Mission Society. Their mission is to bring healing, health and wholeness to individuals, families and communities who are dealing with conflict and disease, through the power of Jesus Christ and the servanthood of compassionate care givers. 

This Compassion Trailer provides slightly used clothing, personal items, and small household goods at very low prices.

The Compassion Trailer is stationed at First Lutheran Church on the second full Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of each month. Although we are blessed to have some very faithful volunteers, we would love to have others join us in this meaningful and fulfilling ministry to our southern Maryland community.

All you need to do is contact the church office at 410-257-3030 and they'll put you in touch with our coordinator who will input your email into, from which you will be sent a link in order to sign up to volunteer for a time slot. You will also receive reminder emails for your donation time.

A training guidance document is available through the church office and is available for all volunteers during their donation time slots.