A Message from Pastor Jim (8/8/20)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

You might recall my sermon on June 7th entitled "Created in God's Image" (listen again at this link) where we heard how God, through His Word, addresses the sin of racism and His thoughts on helping us live more fully in His image in a world filled with this sin. At the end of the sermon, I offered up some practical thoughts on how we might better live out our lives as followers of Christ in addressing racism in our world today. One of those suggestions was:

"Getting outside our bubbles, our echo chambers, our comfort zones to learn about others outside our own experiences ... talk with someone, listen to them, and understand what their lives are like and how we may have played a role in making their lives more difficult. Gain perspective on their perception ... their perception is their reality, regardless of what we think. ... listen, learn, strive to understand. Try to see with our hearts as God sees."

This Monday, August 10th at 7PM there will be an opportunity to put this thought into practice.  The Rev John Denninger, President of the Southeastern District (LCMS) is hosting a conversation on race with our brothers and sisters in Christ from the Coalition of Lutherans in Black Ministry. Please join with me to engage in conversation on this difficult topic by registering to attend by clicking  here.

In Christ,

Pastor Jim


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