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A New Years Message from Pastor Jim (January 2022)

Dear First Lutheran Family and Friends,                       

Happy New Year!

As we exit one year and enter a new year, we also enter new church seasons … Christmas and Epiphany! We live in the real presence of Jesus all year long, but in these two church seasons we recognize and celebrate Jesus’ first coming in the flesh as a baby and then His growth into manhood. The light of Christ shining into the darkness of the world is symbolized by the Star of Bethlehem which directs the magi from the East to worship the King of kings. Throughout the weeks of Christmas and Epiphany, we give thanks to God for shining the light of Christ into the entire world through His prophets, apostles, and the church so that it shines on us too.

The Seasons of Christmas and Epiphany are characterized by seeing the word of God grow in the world … from the single point of light in a manger in Bethlehem, to thousands of miles away where the magi lived, and throughout the Holy Land as Jesus’ ministry begins.  The color of the Epiphany season, “green” – the color of living and growing plants – symbolizes the extending of the Kingdom of Heaven as the light of Christ penetrates the darkness of the world and sin-hardened hearts when Jesus exits His hometown of Nazareth “to proclaim good news … the year of the Lord’s favor” (Luke 4:18-19) to the people of Galilee and Judea.

In these seasons of Christmas and Epiphany, we recognize the most important gift of all gifts … the gift of God’s grace found in His word and sacraments – the forgiveness of our sins and the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ. As we see the color green, we’re reminded of this gift – how Jesus grew into a man who was also the Son of God and how His word of truth and light has spread throughout the world to bring us these same gifts. We rejoice also in the privilege of being Christ’s light in the world today … that through each of us, His light continues to penetrate the darkness of the world and draw others into faith in God’s real presence among us in Jesus Christ who leads all who believe into eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven and the New Creation. 

In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Jim


Updated Worship Times (effective August 29th)
  • Sunday 8:00AM and 10:30AM
  • Wednesday 6:30PM
  • Sunday School 9:15-10:00AM
(January 1, 2022) In light of recent developments within our community, especially with our local hospital enacting crisis health care protocols due to impacts from the latest COVID variant, we will be doing our part to help us all get through this wave with some temporary changes to our worship at First Lutheran Church. These changes are temporary and will be reevaluated no later than February 5, 2022.
In consultation with our team of medical health professionals, worship team, and key staff, the following temporary changes will take effect on Sunday, January 2, 2022:
  • All in-person worshippers at all services, including the pastor, worship leaders, and choir/musicians, over the age of two will be required to wear a mask during all worship services.
  • Congregational singing will be permitted during the last hymn/song only.
We thank God for His provision and protection throughout this unprecedented time and for His continue provision and protection all the days of our lives. 
Worship Services

Sunday Morning
Click links below to attend on-line.

8:00 AM In-Person and Livestream Worship

10:30 AM In-Person and Livestream Worship 

If interested in the Livestream service call the church office at 410-257-3030.

Click here for Recorded Service 
(available after service is completed)

Wednesday Evening
6:30 PM In-Person Worship 
Or view Livestream here.


Sunday School

(January 1, 2022) All in-person attendees will be required to wear masks during all Sunday School and other meetings and classes.
9:15-10:00AM Children's & Youth, Sunday School and Confirmation Classes (In-Person)
9:15-10:00 AM  Adult Sunday School (In Person/Livestream)
(Starts on September 5th.)


Bible Studies

 On-line studies on Sunday and during the week continue to be added. When available, please check in here.














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