CREDIT: Susan Fogleman

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I must admit I’m sometimes lost when talking to people of other generations – whether they’re older than me or younger. I know they’re speaking English, but sometimes their word choices don’t line up with my personal understanding. It’s almost like they’re speaking a foreign language. Fortunately, I have my wife around to help me from getting lost in translation. She is uniquely adept at understanding young and old alike … at least the strange words they use. Probably because she’s an avid reader who gets exposed to more “people” than I do.

Translating “foreign” languages into understandable words has always been a valuable skill. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to communicate. Foreign language – not just slang – came about because people were too easily working together, trying to become God, while building a tower upwards to heaven – rather than trusting God to reach down to them (Genesis 11). 

But God desired to bring His people back to Himself through His word. His work continued as Jews and converts from across the world gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost (The Feast of Weeks) after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension to heaven. The Holy Spirit became the divine translator. He enabled Jesus’ disciples to speak the language of all these pilgrims so they could hear the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection to save them and all mankind from the eternal effects of sin.

Today this news continues spreading everywhere as the full Bible has been translated into over 700 languages – including some interesting slang languages! The Holy Spirit helps us understand God’s grace and mercy in any language! The Holy Spirit guides us all into a continual, lifelong immersion in God’s word through our prayer and worship so we can keep serving God and others who need to be brought to faith too. Then, giving us words to speak and actions to accomplish, the Spirit leads us into the world … living in accord with God’s word – bringing His gospel to them … that they too might come to faith in Christ. 

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Jim