Scavenger Hunt

It's time for the first ever First Lutheran Scavenger Hunt! You will have until May 31st to participate. Your immediate family/household is your team. This is meant to be fun for all ages. But there will be prizes for the top 3 families - baskets of toilet paper, yeast, eggs, toys, snacks, and/or candy!


  1. Have fun!
  2. Maintain CDC Guidelines:
  3. Videos cannot be over 1 minute long.
  4. No photoshopping!
  5. Email your submissions, noting the item #, to Susan Fogleman at by 11:59pm on May 31st. Anything submitted after that will not count.
  6. Have fun!
  7. Check this page regularly as more items may be added over the course of the scavenger hunt.


  1. 5/15 - Extended deadline.
  2. 5/15 - Added missing item #26
  3. 5/15 - Added 3 new items to end of list.
  4. 5/15 - Added an update to item #15.
  5. 5/15 - For those unable to view the table on this page, you can now view on Google Drive.
  6. 5/19 - Two new items added to end of list.
  7. 5/28 - One item added to end of list.

Item #

Item Type

Item Description


1 Photo Edible LCMS Cross 64
2 Photo Doing puzzles is a common distraction during the quarantine. But what about doing one upside down? 18
3 Video Go on a bear hunt! 7
4 Photo Make face masks for the Calvert Health Medical Center 79
5 Photo Quaranmeme 32
6 Photo Mother's Day is coming but the florists are closed. Work on your flower arranging skills. But use weeds…some of them are really pretty. 33
7 Video Cneg bs Gung Jbeyq Cnebql (Update: Video may be up to 4 minutes long.) 86
8 Photo or Video Help a neighbor while following CDC safety guidelines - face masks, 6ft distance, etc. 39
9 Photo They say stepping on a LEGO is the greatest pain one can experience. But what is pain really? Make shoes entirely from LEGOs - no fluffy socks or insoles allowed- and demonstrate them in use. 32
10 Photo Recreating a famous painting is popular right now, show me yours! 42
11 Photo or Video What can your pet teach you? 29
12 Photo or Video Spa day with mom! 48
13 Photo or Video Read a bedtime story to the monster under your bed. The monster should be charmed and cozy and cuddled up. 25
14 Photo or Video With all this spare time, what new skill are you learning? 43
15 Photo The Red Cross is desperately in need of blood. So please donate blood if you are able. (Update: Photo evidence of a future post-hunt appointment will earn you half points.) 92
16 Photo Clover chain jewelry is all the rage in quarantine. 16
17 Photo or Video Turn your favorite childhood board game into a life-size game! 39
18 Photo or Video Avengers Assemble! 21
19 Photo You really need a haircut, but the salons are closed. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Let one of your kids give you a haircut. 56
20 Photo Maryland flag - Created with things from nature. 28
21 Photo Lots of sharks teeth lying around. Show me yours! 10
22 Photo or Video You need to keep in touch with your elders and make sure they are safe. Zoom/Skype/Facetime/etc with a person over 70 years old.  42
23 Photo So many consipracy theories floating about! Update the tinfoil hat to reflect technological innovations. 29
24 Photo or Video Spring is in the air they say. How do we know? 34
25 Photo or Video How many roly poly-s can you find?  22
26 Photo or Video Finish something you started pre-quarantine. 48
27 Photo Cement your joy. 31
28 Photo Collage. Going to the store is scary. Find one broken thing to upcycle. 58
29 Photo Driveway chalk art - your driveway and a neighbor's. 13
30 Photo Let's bring back planking! 43
31 Photo Our frontline workers are the real heros. Donate PPE or a meal to police, firefighters, EMTSs, nurses, or doctors. 96
32 Video Quarantine spring cleaning. 35
33 Photo Send a handwritten note to someone you have not seen in awhile or a FLC shut-in and mail it to them. 16
34 Photo Proper afternoon tea. 24
35 Photo or Video Ben Ferencz started each dinner table conversation with his children by asking them, “What did you do today to make the world a better place?” Wake up tomorrow and take a specific, positive action to make the world a better/nicer/happier/prettier place. 40
36 Photo Picnics are a great thing to have in this socially distanced world. 28
37 Photo or Video Many of our congregants have been affected by cancer. How can we help? 77
38 Photo A COVID-19 haiku 44
39 Video TIMELAPSE. Write a phrase on a piece of wood of something negative you say about yourself to silence yourself or hold yourself back. Burn the wood and the phrase in a fireplace or fire pit. Use the ashes to write something affirming about your strong self on a sheet of white paper. 29
40 Photo or Video Clean up trash along the side of the road in your neighborhood. 58
41 Video The floor is lava! Must be played across multiple rooms in your house. 35
42 Video As you wish. 23
43 Photo Literal family tree 34
44 Video In Uppsala, Sweden, there is a tradition called the Flogsta Scream. Every night at 10 pm, students at university stop what they are doing to let out a collective, primal scream from their rooftops and dorms. This tradition shouldn’t be exclusive to Sweden, so get together with as many neighbors as you can and while socially distanced and from your front yards, let out one deep, primitive, collective howl. 41
45 Photo Design a brochure or poster that convinces people to visit a new resort on Mars. 16
46 Photo Cinco de Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday this year. I want to see your authentic, Mexico-themed celebration.  63
47 Video A hand-made, functional kite. Fly it. 34
48 Photo or Video Tiny homes are all the rage. But this shouldn't be exclusive to humans. Build one for a tiny creature - cat, bird, mouse - and show them living in it. 40
49 Photo or Video Make a polished aluminum foil or dorodango mud balls. 70
50 Photo You've been out fishing for compliments, and you just snagged a whopper. 42
51 Photo We could all use a little extra help to stay afloat. You wouldn't go on a boat without a flotation device; why go through life without one? Create an emergency quarantine life jacket. 34
52 Video Your pillow fort is under attack. Build the world's most impenetrable Pillow Fort ever. You can include pillow cannons, catapults, etc. for defense, or just trust the integrity of your architecture. Then, defend it against the attackers. 67
53 Video Chewing gum tug of war. 50
54 Photo Personify your last name. 28
55 Video Feed a friend an entire bowl of jello or chocolate pudding using a plastic spoon while they are sitting in a chair wearing a white t-shirt. But remember CDC says you must be standing at least 6 feet away so you must feed your friend by “flicking” the jello into their mouth. 33
56 Video "X" marks the spot... in your heart! Your mission: Devise a treasure map and deliver it to someone you care about. The treasure is a letter telling them how they have changed your life for the better. Deliver it to them & document their hunt & discovery. 41
57 Photo Create a windchime using household items. 17
58 Photo or Video We won't get the Olympics this year, so create the Miniature Olympics! Showcase lego people, action figures, or even toothpick stick figures engaging in Olympic sports as the judges look on (archery, basketball, skiing, fencing, figure skating, etc.). 48
59 Photo I can’t believe you balanced that many rocks in one pillar in your backyard! 26
60 Photo Using only skittles (or other color-coated candy) soaked in water for paint, paint a picture of Pastor Jim. 63
61 Photo Make a plarn sleeping mat for the homeless with all your extra plastic grocery bags. 86
62 Video Create a family music video. 39
63 Photo They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Show me your family picture that also perfectly describes your family. 47
64 Photo What's your Wilson? 24
65 Photo They say people and their pets tend to start to look alike. Prove it. Dress up as your pet. 19
66 Photo Leave a note/encouraging message for your mail carrier. 37
67 Photo Set up a sign in your front yard or roadside window thanking our health care workers/police/fire/EMS folks for all they are doing. 84
68 Photo or Video How are you keeping in touch with family? 36
69 Photo Create a Little Free Library or Little Free Pantry in your community. 57
70 Photo 27
71 Video They say “don’t color on the walls.” We say, “Don’t tell us what to do!” Conspire with at least one child under the age of 10 to create a mural on a wall in your house. The child is 100% in charge of the design & execution. 13
72 Photo A literal take on your favorite (super)hero. For example, a man ironing clothes captioned, “Iron Man” (though you can’t use that now). 15
73 Photo Normally, your pet is NEVER allowed to do this under ANY circumstances. But, of course, these are NOT normal times. 32
74 Photo We LOVE our kids, but occasionally we all need a little break. Right now, however, that can be challenging. Let's see your best quarantine technique for hiding from your children (camouflage, "mad-skills" hiding, appliance impersonation, invisibility... whatever it takes!) 11
75 Video Kids, what's your best strategy/argument for letting your parents let you watch TV/play video games during the school day? 45
76 Photo You need a new hat, dress, etc., but with shops closed, you'll have to create your own - out of the weeds in your yard. 27
77 Photo Couch potato. 22
78 Photo Toilet paper is the current hot commodity. Perhaps we need to implement better security measures for our TP. 46
79 Video 88
80 Photo or Video Sunday Dinner with extended family. 31
81 Photo or Video We can't hug one another with the current guidelines in place, so invent a new way of hugging that meets CDC guidelines. 29
82 Photo Pancake art 12
83 Photo or Video A child drawing of their idea of happiness. Then, make it happen. 60
84 Video Quarantine Quitchen. Have someone in your family choose 5 items from the fridge/pantry/freezer and make a meal with those items. And then let your panel of judges eat this meal and judge it. 64
85 Photo or Video Some are saying our food supply chain will be affected for months. What are you planting to make sure you have food on your table? 45
86 Photo Side-by-side. Recreate the cover picture of your favorite movie. 35
87 Video A drum circle with whatever you can find in your house. 29
88 Video Many folks are missing sports. Commentate on something mundane the way a sports caster would. 27
89 Video Become a member on and do the task only signed in users can see. 51
90 Video What are you using to get Loki's attention? 36
91 Photo #bookface 24
92 Video Are you following First Lutheran's Instagram account? There's a clue there. 43
93 Photo or Video Help a shut-in or someone over 70 with their yard work - mowing, planting, mulching, weeding, etc. Just make sure to get their permission first! 133
94 Photo VeggieTales are filming on location…in your kitchen! You've snuck on set to get a picture of the newest episode. 31
95 Video Gangnam Style Dance 22